Mirabilia Renaissance Mermaid MD152 cross stitch pattern

Renaissance Mermaid MD151 pattern

by Mirabilia
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Renaissance Mermaid, MD151

Inspired by the Botticelli painting, The Birth of Venus, this sensuous maiden rises from the depths of the sea enveloped in her long lustrous hair. She holds her heart in her hand – perhaps to lure some shy lover? Her tail shimmers in shades of greens and blues, strands of crystals dance in the underwater currents and all is complemented by a regal halo of pearls. Create your own masterpiece with this stunning new pattern from one of America’s most enchanting designers.

Model: stitched on 32/16ct Sea Spray fabric

Stitch Count: 187w x 280h

Mill Hill Beads required: 00525, 02010, 10005( 3), 10079 (3), 18002
Mill Hill Treasures rquired: 13041, 13053
Kreiniks required: 014HL, 018HL, 019
Caron Waterlilies required: CWL041, CWL226

DMC Floss required: 326, 369, 632, 754, 758, 782, 818, 819, 823, 838, 902, 948, 954, 964, 975, 992, 3371, 3806, 3859

A complete DMC floss pack is available for this pattern, FLOSS-MD151

Tags: Fantasy, Mirabilia
Date Added: 2017-06-29

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