About Me

Hello, my name is Sandra,

I am the mother of three and have been cross stitching for 26 years. I first started stitching when a friend gave me a little kit and started teaching me how to stitch. We started having fun nights where we got together to stitch. When we got together, I always showed her my progress and told her I couldn't do it. I just didn't have the knack. She encouraged me and told me if I set my mind to it, I could do it. So, with her encouragement, I persisted until I finally got the hang of it and I have never regretted putting in that effort to learn since.

Now, my passion for stitching knows no bounds and through the years, I seem to have accumulated a very large collection of stitching stash. A very large collection, LOL. I decided to trim the collection so I started selling some on a few of the Facebook groups. This has grown into the opening of my online store named after myself, Sandra's Stitch Stash. I truly never dreamed that my passion for stitching could grow into the dream of having my own store.


Since I am an avid stitchers and love all things cross-stitch related, my goal here is to bring that love to you. I am always here to help you find what you "just gots to have that" so you too can find that love, joy and satisfaction from our craft.

I also have a page on FaceBook at SandrasStitchStash. I also have a group, Sandra's Stitch Stash Group, for my customers. Come join us today to see mine and other stitcher's WIPs, have some fun and love the craft!

Sandra's Stitch Stash
371 Benner St.
Tiffin, OH 44883