About Us

Hello, my name is Sandra,

I am the mother of three and have been cross stitching for 26 years. I first started stitching when a friend gave me a little kit and started teaching me how to stitch. We started having fun nights where we got together to stitch. When we got together, I always showed her my progress and told her I couldn't do it. I just didn't have the knack. She encouraged me and told me if I set my mind to it, I could do it. So, with her encouragement, I persisted until I finally got the hang of it and I have never regretted putting in that effort to learn since.

Now, my passion for stitching knows no bounds and through the years, I seem to have accumulated a very large collection of stitching stash. A very large collection, LOL. When I met the love of my life, Henry, we decided to trim the collection so we started selling some on a few of the Facebook groups. This has grown into our opening of own online store named after me, Sandra's Stitch Stash. We truly never dreamed that our passion for stitching could grow into the dream of having our own store.


Hello, my name is Henry,

I am an avid cross stitcher and designer. I first started stitching in 1995 using a scroll frame and needle when I was 33 years old. I have been happily stitching since then. Before that, I have always been a very crafty person doing such things as Native American bead loom work, leather crafts, plastic canvas and he even tried crocheting, which I have to say, didn't go very well.

Some of you might notice that I am a man. Yep, I'm a man and I cross stitch and I'm  proud of it! I really see no reason why men and women both can not enjoy our craft equally - without bias or judgement. I myself, find peace, relaxation and pleasure in creating what I consider to be art equal to any other forms of artwork. We paint with needle and thread! Stitch on men! And women!

In my many years, I have worked in the graphic arts and design field doing such things as sign making, newspaper ad design and even owned a small print shop for a while. This all has led me to combine my passion for cross stitch into doing pattern designs. Last year I began creating my own patterns, from the simple, to the mega projects. I loves them all! This led to my founding of AustinThreadCrafts and originally putting my patterns online for sell on Etsy.

This is one of my patterns and current WIP, The Envoy. I patterned it from a painting by Australian artist extraordinaire, Christy Harris, who is one of the featured artists at ATC. Folks, that there is an 18 inch q-snap and 2 pages done out of 9, ergo, one of the mega projects I so love to stitch.

And then the best part, last year I met a truly wonderful woman named Sandra. She and I teamed up, in life, love, and now business and we began selling some of her stash in a few of the FaceBook groups. We had a huge amount of success and began buying new and used patterns from various places with an eye for expanding both our own personal stash and what we could sell online. Our problems began when we had so many items that it became a nightmare to keep track of them all. We really needed some form of inventory control and a much better way to show off our stuff. So, we leaped together out into the shark infested waters of big commerce with our very own little e-shop, Sandra's Stitch Stash. Now, being a small Mom and Pop store is very hard to do when competing with the biggies, so we intend to make up for it with our love of the craft.

Since we are both avid stitchers and love all things cross-stitch related, our goal here is to bring that love to you. We are always here to help you find what you "just gots to have that" so you too can find that love, joy and satisfaction from our craft.

We have pages on FaceBook at SandrasStitchStash. We also have a group, Sandra's Stitch Stash Group, for our customers. Come join us today to see ours and other stitcher's WIPs, have some fun and love the craft!

Sandra's Stitch Stash
371 Benner St.
Tiffin, OH 44883