What is a Needle Minder?

What is a needle minder?

A needle minder is just a button or doodad with a pair of magnets that are attached to it that you place on your stitch work so that your needle is always on top and you do not have to worry about it disappearing on to the floor or under a couch cushion. They are very handy and really simple to use.

Typical Needle Minder

Two magnets

Minder on top, extra magnet on bottom

Keeps your needle handy when not in use.

As you can see, I use several so I always have a handy place for my needle.

Please Note: Needle minders made with a hot glue gun (falls apart easy) or made from black iron magnets (will stain cloth) are not recommended. We only use B6000 Jewelers glue and Neodymium ceramic magnets (super strong).

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