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Stoney Creek

Mitzi the Duck pattern

Mitzi the Duck pattern

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Artist Beth Yarbrough created a character called Mitzi the Duck with Pluck. Mitzi is a sassy white duck with sunglasses and a large sunbonnet decorated with a red and white checked ribbon. This book includes 6 humorous designs featuring Mitzi adapted for counted cross stitch:
I Can Cook ("... I just... don't" shows Mitzi with her hand on her hip, holding a wooden spoon that is taller than she is) (83w x 122h Stitches)
Another Birthday? ("... Pesky little things, aren't they?" shows profile of Mitzi carrying a cupcake with a lit candle on it) (84w x 134h Stitches)
Dose of Chocolate (Mitzi bends over to hug a large chocolate kiss with the words, "A nice dose of chocolate will cure just about anything") (94w x 113h Stitches)
Mall Duck (shopping Mitzi carries a large credit card with the words, "I never met a mall I didn't like") (95w x 126h Stitches)
Grand Empress (a smug Mitzi sits on a royal red pillow with the words, "I am not the queen of the world. Grand Empress of this hemisphere, maybe...") (100wx 133h Stitches)
Diet... (view of Mitzi's backside as she bends over and then looks back with the words, "I'm on a 40-day diet... So far, I've lost 23 days") (81w x 114h Stitches)
© Beth Yarbrough, licensed by Linda McDonald, Inc.

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