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Nora Corbett

Miss Solar Eclipse NC-239 pattern

Miss Solar Eclipse NC-239 pattern

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Miss Solar Eclipse by Nora Corbett, NC-239

This design is of a stunning butterfly - Miss Solar Elipse. She's an awe-inspiring sight. Miss Solar Elipse has dark, glossy hair, adorned with beautiful and delicate head piece. Her butterfly wings are magnificent hues of orange. A flowing evening gown complete her darling look. The chart is part of Nora Corbett's Butterfly Misses collection.

Model: stitched on 32/16ct White fabric

Stitch Count: 100W x 140H

Mill Hill Beads required: 02024, 02025, 10012
Kreiniks required: #4 - 027L

DMC Floss required: 445, 451, 452, 721, 742, 754, 844, 869, 920, 921, 948, 973, 3024, 3860

Tags: Fantasy, Victorian, Mirabilia, Nora corbett
Date Added: 2018-05-18
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