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Mermaid Undine MD134 pattern

Mermaid Undine MD134 pattern

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Mermaid Undine, MD134

Undine, the water nymph, glides effortlessly through the depths with her favorite conch shell, prying open oysters for their glistening pearls lodged within. But the ultimate object of her quest is the talisman that a gust of wind seized from a sailor's hands as his ship passed. With one look at this dark, handsome stranger, Undine knew in her heart that he was the mortal man destined to give her a remarkable gift. If she can entice him to ask for her hand in marriage, she will be rewarded with immortality. And so she spends her days and nights searching the ocean floor, knowing that the luminescent pearls in her hair and the haunting melodies she sings will lure the man of her dreams near. If she can present him with his precious treasure, his kiss of gratitude will bind them forever. Susan Redington Bobby.

Model: stitched on 32 Ct. Sea Spray Linen 

Stitch Count: 240w x 134h

Mill Hill Beads required: 02103, 10104, 10113, 16608, 82504 (2), 18824, 18828, 40168, 42010
Caron Waterlilies required: CWL017, CWL068, CWL108, CWL163, CWL181

DMC Floss required: B5200, 156, 318, 333, 413, 415, 597, 640, 648, 754, 826, 828, 838, 930, 948, 3371, 3713, 3781, 3810, 3866

Tags: Fantasy, Victorian, Mirabilia
Date Added: 2017-09-20
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