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Stoney Creek

Funny Bone BK64 pattern

Funny Bone BK64 pattern

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Condition: Used

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Funny Bone, BK64

Condition: Used, very good, slight shop wear, no marks or writing

Eleven humorous designs about husbands, money, diets, growing old and more:

This Mess (picture frame with the words "Home Sweet Mess" with crack in wall, dirty socks, spilled water glass, wilted flowers and the words, "This mess is the place") (80w x 93h Stitches)
A Husband Is... (man standing next to toolbox with hammer, saw, mop and rake being hugged by a woman in curlers and slippers with the saying, "A husband is the only labor saving device you can cuddle") (72w x 70h Stitches)
I'd Enjoy the Day (tired woman in bathrobe and slippers holding a cup of coffee with the saying, "I'd enjoy the day more if it started later") (72w x 127h Stitches)
A Reservation (table with pitcher, mixing bowl and rolling pin with the saying, "I'm making my favorite thing for dinner tonight... A reservation") (86w x 89h Stitches)
Character (big overstuffed chair with tennis shoe and sock draped over the back and newspapers piled next to it with a vacuum cleaner and the words, "A messy house is a sign of character: just wait 'til you meet the one who lives here!") (90w x 88h Stitches)
Bathroom Scale (woman in towel wearing shower cap standing on a bathroom scale with the words, "Happiness is measured by the bathroom scale") (97w x 108h Stitches)
Avenge Yourself (the saying, "Avenge Yourself: live long enough to be a problem to your children" surrounded by reminders of different stages in your child's life: baby bottle, rattle, teddy, tricycle, school notebook, tennis shoes, car keys, graduation cap and diploma, champagne glass and wedding rings, interspersed with money) (118w x 83h Stitches)
Midlife Crisis (bald man lying on lawn chair with glass of lemonade with a lawn mower sitting idly by with the words, "Leave me alone... I'm having a midlife crisis") (109w x 74h Stitches)
Grandchildren (grandmother surrounded by grandchildren with the saying, "If I'd known my grandchildren would be so much fun, I'd have had them first") (104w x 104h Stitches)
Money Talks (man holding open wallet watching dollar bills fly away with the saying, "Money Talks, but all mine ever says is "goodbye") (89w x 109h Stitches)
A Mature Mind (chimpanzee monkey wearing baby bonnet, holding teddy and baby blanket with thumb in mouth with the saying, "Strive to develop a mature mind... even if it hurts") (80w x 87h Stitches)

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Date Added: 2024-03-02

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