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Stoney Creek

Birds of a Feather BK116 pattern

Birds of a Feather BK116 pattern

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Birds of a Feather, BK116

Original Printings - 1993

A collection of 8 different kinds of birds gather together as cross-stitched Birds of a Feather

Hummingbirds (a pair of ruby-throated hummingbirds hover near fuchsia flowers) (104w x 115h Stitches)
Eastern Bluebirds (pair of Eastern bluebirds preparing nest) (121w x 134h Stitches)
Belted Kingfisher (perched on post of a pier with a fish in its beak) (88w x 117h Stitches)
Blue Grosbeak (perched in garden near sunflowers and other flowers) (119w x 85h Stitches)
Scarlet Tanagers (pair of tanagers in flowering branches) (145w x 89h Stitches)
Tufted Titmice (pair of tufted titmice in flowering branches) (115w x 132h Stitches)
Robins (mother robin feeding worm to three hatchlings in nest) (180w x 112h Stitches)
Catbird (grey catbird perched on flowering branch) (115w x 79h Stitches)

Tags: Animals, Stoney creek
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