Mirabilia Mermaid Perfume MD173 cross stitch pattern

Mermaid Perfume MD173 pattern

by Mirabilia
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Product Description

Mermaid Perfume, MD173

Even deadlier than her voice is the enticing perfume she creates. So strong it lures the sailors to the edge of the decks. It only takes seconds for them to become stunned–long enough for her to reach from the swirling foam and grasp an arm or a leg. Down she goes, fleeing while giggling only to find that her sweet lovers can’t survive in her depths. The pearly shells and coral caves silently witness her grieving until the next ship comes by and she tries again.

Model: stitched on 16/32ct Water Lily fabric

Stitch Count: 161w x 294h

Mill Hill Beads required: 00479, 00525, 02009, 02016, 03035(3), 62034, 16611, 18827
Mill Hill Treasures required: 13080
Caron Waterlilies required: CWL084, CWL108, CWL137, CWL173, CWL181, CWL196

DMC floss required: White, 04, 05, 07, 25, 26, 29, 31, 310(2), 340, 500(3), 535, 938, 948, 95892), 991(2), 993(2), 3770

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