Floss-Pak Starter (15) w/Ring

Floss-Pak Starter (15) w/Ring

by Yarn Tree
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Product Description

Floss-Pak 15 Starter with Ring

Floss-Pak Starter Pack--15 Floss-Paks and one 1 1/2" Metal Split Ring. Convenient.

The Floss-Pak is the easy-to-use way to keep all types of needlework threads clean, organized, and protected. The 3”x5” zip close bags have a write-on area for the color number. Economical. The Floss-Pak costs only pennies per zip-close bag. The Floss-Pak Is A Good Investment! Even for the occasional stitcher, the Floss-Pak will more than pay for itself. No more lost skeins. No more tangled balls of thread that eventually get thrown away. The Floss-Pak keeps each skein as fresh and clean as the day you bought it.

A great way to organize your embroidery floss or other threads.

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Date Added: 2022-05-24

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