Affiliate Program

Sandras Stitch Stash now has an Affiliate Program!

Heres how it works

  • Earn 5% on every sale that you refer to us.
  • Sales are tracked for 7 days from first visit, you earn 5% for any sales from that customer during that time.
  • The more you promote, the more you can make.
  • Payouts are at $20 or more and are made via Paypal.
  • Your commision is based on net sale total - 2.9% Paypal/CreditCard fee. No commission earned on any Sales Tax or Shipping.
  • We reserve the right to terminate any affiliate at any time.
  • Affiliates with no sales in 3 months will be removed.

It is easy to sign up, just click here and click on register!

FAQ/Common Questions

1. What is an affiliate program – An automated marketing program where we recruit affiliates/partners/promoters to place our link, banner, ads or buttons on their own website/page and attract more customers. We set a default commission for the orders and you will receive it for every referred purchase. In this way you can generate money (i.e. When you refer more customers, you will receive more money). After you reach a certain amount of money, we pay you via PayPal.

2. How do I Register – to be able to refer clients and get earnings from their orders, you need to be registered for the affiliate program of the store. To do that, click here and click on the text link “Register” just next to the blue button “Login”

3. How do I Login – to login into your account, just click here and enter your account credentials.

4. How do I refer customers – As an affiliate the easiest way to refer customers is sharing links to our shop. You can paste them on your personal website or in the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. Or share the link by messanger to your friends. To get your affiliated link go to your “Info page” or to page “Link generator” (explanation bellow).

5. What is my Affiliate panel – When you have registered for the affiliate program, you will receive a panel, where you can see all the information in different pages,

  • Homepage/Stats page – here you can see your stats in a glance: the visitors you have referred, the referred orders made by them and the conversion
  • Profile page – here you can set your personal data and choose your preferred payment method (if more that one is available).
  • Info page – Here is all the needed information for promoting links, codes etc. You will see your affiliated link, QR code (if available) and coupon code (if available) and the commission you will receive for every referred order.
  • Link generator – From this page you can create links to specific pages from the store. Just paste the link, click on “Generate” and you will receive an affiliated link, which is ready to use. Note that:
  • Affiliated Link – can be used/shared in social sites
  • HTML code – is your affiliated link, but formatted for use in websites/blogs, it can not be shared in social sites.
  • Orders – Here you can see all of your successful referred purchases.
  • “Referring page” is the page where the affiliated link was placed (and the client clicked on it).
  • “Landing page” is the page to which the client was referred.
  • You can use both of the above to see the performance of your different links. if the client have used a coupon code, then the above fields will be empty.
  • Payments – This is the page for the payments, which the owner have made and you have received.
  • Banners – Here is all the banners, which are given from the store owner. You can paste them to your website and attract more customers. Just click on the green button “Get HTML code” and your HTML code for that banner and your affiliated link will be generated.

 No. Shipping costs and taxes are not included in the calculation. We are using only the net sum of the price of all the products minus any discounts and 2.9% Paypal/Credit Card fees.

If you have any questions, just Contact Us. We will be happy to help!

Register now and start earning money, just click here