Stoney Creek Pets With Attitude BK404 cross stitch pattern

Pets With Attitude BK404 pattern

by Stoney Creek
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Product Description

Pets With Attitude, BK404

These fifteen humorous designs of cats and dogs will make you smile:

Rise N' Shine ("Isn't 'rise and shine' an oxymoron???!!–sleepy cat and alarm clock) (68w x 67h Stitches)
Camo Cat ("I came, I cast, I kicked BASS!–fishing cat) (50w x 80h Stitches)
Can't Hear You ("...Old age has SOME benefits"–young dog barking, older dog on rocking chair) (61w x 60h Stitches)
Friends Don't Let Friends ("...Get a Cat") (67w x 50h Stitches)
Therapist Dog ("Who needs a therapist? I have a DOG") (75w x 48h Stitches)
Chocolate Catnip ("Chocolate: the catnip of the female world") (64w x 50h Stitches)
Be Yappy ("Don't Worry, Be Yappy") (61w x 61h Stitches)
Buy More Shoes ("The voices in my head told me to..."–pink cat wearing shoes) (78w x 49h Stitches)
My Family ("If you met my family, you'd understand"–psychedelic cat wearing sunglasses) (40w x 68h Stitches)
Mouth Operates Faster ("...Than Brain"–cat with paw over mouth) (60w x 61h Stitches)
Hot Flash ("It's not a hot flash, it's a summer vacation you take all by yourself"–cat on beach) (62w x 57h Stitches)
I Got Bored ("I tried to be good... but.."–puppy with halo and chewed up slipper) (60w x 54h Stitches)
Miserable ("I'm so miserable without you... It's like having you here"–sad basset hound) (56w x 84h Stitches)
Life Would B Flat ("Without Music..."–purple cat with jazzy guitar and sunglasses) (50w x 76h Stitches)
Attitude ("I don't need your attitude, I have one of my own"–cat's nose and eyes peeking over edge (50w x 54h Stitches)

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