Moira Blackburn Farmers Prayer cross stitch pattern

Farmers Prayer pattern

by Moira Blackburn
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Farmers Prayer

This design from Moir Blackburn featuring a borders of cornstalks, farms, and horses. The center of the design has the following prayer: "Let the wealthy & great roll in splendor & state. I envy them not I declare it. I eat my own lamb, my chickens and ham. I shear my own fleece & I wear it. I have lawns, I have bow'rs, I have fruits, I have flow'rs. The lark is my morning alarm. So jolly boys now, here's God speed the plough. Long life & success to the farmer."

Stitch Count: 170w x 181h

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Tags: People, Places, Religious, Sampler, Other
Date Added: 2023-02-03

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